We are a seasoned team of builders

All our operational leadership has a background in software development as programmers. They have evolved along with technology programing languages and applications; from Mainframe to AWS, AZURE, IOT, and Data Analytics.

The Optimal Quantitative Point

Its just an Idea. The idea that somewhere in the array of data and interconnections is a powerful point. A point that if understood and acted on has the capacity to transform things exponentially. The belief in this idea is what drives us. It drives our relationships, our strategy, our approach to technology and our mission to serve our clients.

It's an idea that demands that we define our success only from the success of our clients.

Let us help you find your OQ Point!

Our technical solutions

Our technical solutions focus on software development, software quality assurance, and outsourcing solutions.

Our staff

Our staff is dedicated on helping customers maximizing business benefits while minimizing time to delivery,but without compromising on quality.

Our passion

Our passion for quality is engineered into our process for client engagement and project execution. We understand that all client partners are different..

Our talent

Our talent is sourced through a trusted and protected network of top tier professional with demanding real-world experience...